About Traci


Affectionately known as the ‘Sporty Nutrition Gal’, Traci learned about the nutrition-well being connection at the tender age of 5, as her earliest memories were of her Uncle who encouraged her to eat well so she could perform better at sports.

The holder of not 1 but 4 Nutrition Degrees, Traci has a passion for helping everyone, from those who are fighting an illness, disease or a condition, to those that want to improve their health to PREVENT future diagnosis.

Perhaps you are an athlete that wants to improve their diet, which in turn will improve your outcomes or game? Traci is the gal for you, with proven success.

In 2003, Traci experienced her own health issue. After 14 months of testing, specialist appointments and one unnecessary surgery she decided to take on her own natural approach. Within 2 weeks of starting a natural regime her health returned almost immediately. All tests and blood work were back to normal and Traci’s life returned to healthy with no residual effects. Traci was guided in the proper direction from her chiropractor, Dr. Bill Gilmore, whom she considers an Angel in her life. Throughout her daily struggles Traci never lost hope, she actually continued to enlighten and inspire many people along the way.

Traci has been a die hard leafs fan since the age of 6, don’t hold that against her though.  She took her love for the game and in 1994 began coaching. She went through the various coaching levels and continued to coach until 2005. After coaching Traci attended Numerous U18 camps through the OWHA as an evaluator/scout for the selection process of players at the International level. Many went on to play for Team Canada, Traci truly loved participating in this process.

Traci received 7 different diplomas while obtaining her degrees, from Alive Academy, an accredited school with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. She is a member in good standing consistently. Traci received her Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner designation from  Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Traci’s accomplishments include: being featured in the KW Record Newspaper numerous times, attending Meet and Greet events at Doon Mills Guardian Pharmacy, Make a Wish silent auction donations, article written for Fair Parenting Group, featured articles in Dufferin Total Sports Magazine and being the Nutritionist for Corporate Biggest Loser Challenge with Concept Controls Inc.

Traci has current knowledge and proven success in teaching an all-natural approach to an energetic, vibrant life. Her process and techniques make her an expert in her fields of study.

Traci resides in Kitchener, Ontario and has very close family ties. She has a strong need to learn everyday and stays abreast with up to date information in the nutrition-wellness field.

Having worked with hundreds of patients to help them get better through eating better, Traci believes in getting lasting results, and setting you up for success! She looks forward to working with you to help empower you to better Understand and take control of your most precious asset.

“Your health is not an expense, its an investment”